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More Than Doctrine Tract
Modern translations have a tendency to make problems where there were none before. This tract demonstrates how modern versions introduced a problem into the text where there was none before.
New Bible Versions Tract
This tract analyzes crucial verses to the plan of salvation. The reader is shown how new bible versions teach that salvation is hard to obtain, that it is a “process” and that it requires water baptism. These and other false doctrines blatantly corrupt the simplicity of the Gospel found in the King James Bible.
New King James Version Tract
The NKJV deletes numerous words that are an integral part of preaching Biblical truth. Defenders of the NKJV claim that they can still find some of these words in their bible but the truth remains that NKJV is weaker than the AV 1611. Therefore, the NKJV is inferior to the King James Bible because it has been watered down.
Which Bible Version? Tract
A King James Version defense tract presenting compelling evidence for the superiority of the KJV. It points out important discrepancies between popular, modern versions and the KJV such as deletions, doctrinal defects, unholy language and gender changes. This tract will help the reader be the judge of which Bible version to believe.
The Sissy / Tiny Shoes DVD Combo
The Sissy - Duke thought Jesus was a sissy, until a trucker explained to him the horrible price Jesus paid so his sins could be forgiven. Then Duke saw that Jesus had more guts than anyone who ever lived. Great for truckers and bikers!

Tiny Shoes - When his son died, Juan turned from drinking and gambling to serve Christ.

These gospel tracts by Jack Chick have been made into short DVD movies. You can show them to your Sunday School class, youth group, or even your church. Then discuss the message of the story and lead people to Christ. Also, if you purchase a copy, you are free to make as many copies as you wish for your own use. You can give them away like a tract too!