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More Fight On! Stories

Dr. Samuel C. Gipp

After the great success of the first volume of Fight On!, Dr. Gipp delivers 300 more pages of incredible stories of people who were tougher than their problems.

Read about men and women who chose not to lose through fire, shipwreck, wild animal attacks, volcanos, mining disasters, wars and other trials of life. Some were soldiers, some were just everyday Dads and Moms who refused to give in or give up. They chose to Fight On!

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Abortion: Come now, and Let Us Reason Together
Rick DeMichele

This booklet encourages reasonable people to view abortion from two perspectives. The premise is simple - if based on Scriptural and Scientific evidence we agree that every unborn child is a unique individual, then the destruction of that individual is just as wrong as the destruction of any unique individual reading the booklet. After examining the evidence from those two aspects, each substantiated argument for abortion is discussed. This book does not "bash" and attempt to sling guilt. Instead, it urges reasonable and honest individuals to consider.
Seeking His Fellowship
Ted Warmack

The intent of this book is to inspire Christians to seek that place of fellowship near to the heart of God, and then to offer some direction on how to achieve that goal.
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Our youth posters are perfect for teen bedrooms, youth rallies, Sunday School and Christian school classrooms, and church fellowship halls. These posters promote Christian character, Godly living, personal devotions, and patriotism. The ten posters in this deal are Pray, Read, Wait, Contend, The Winner, Thanks, From the Sea, Force, Marines, and Stand Tall.
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