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Serena's Serenity

Serena's Serenity

Serena's Serenity

Lisa Moravek

A home schooling mom is put to the test as she mourns a death and separation from her younger daughters. As Serena and husband Carl work tirelessly to reunite their family, she is thrust into a career. Will she be able to prove to herself that being a homemaker is the higher calling? Discover with Serena how she must compete against herself and allow God to work out the full potential He designed just for her.

There are thousands of home schoolers, across our nation and around the world, striving to give their children the experience of safe home life where the tailored curriculums meet their individual goals. This crisp, modern novel understands the technicalities of home education and exposes the beauty of the lifestyle to those who have never lived it.

321 pages, softcover.

Now also available for Kindle on Amazon.

Our price: $12.95

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