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Rightly Defining the Words of Truth

More than locating definitions, Rightly Defining the Words of Truth introduces a method of Bible interpretation that can simplify and bring together some of the more puzzling passages in God’s word. May each reader plainly see that the word of God is correct, complete, and, at the same time, capable of being clear, even in its most theological language.

The Gipp Library

Dr. Samuel C. Gipp

For the first time, you can purchase all 22 of Dr. Samuel C. Gipp's books online at a terrific savings. This bundle includes:

Fight On!, More Might On Stories, The Answer Book, Gipp's Understandable History of the Bible, Is Our English Bible Inspired?, The 2006 Geneva Bible, Answers to the Ravings of a Mad Plunger, The Time When There Was NO Bible, Selected Sermons Vol. 1, Selected Sermons Vol. 2, Selected Sermons Vol. 3, A Practical and Theological Study of the Book of John, A Practical and Theological Study of the Book of Acts, The Book of Job, Your Purpose for Exisiting, Living With Pain, Life After Y2K, How to Minister to Youth, How to Get Your Book Published, Single Syllable Words, Variations Between the Critical Apparatuses of Nestle's 25th and 26th Editions, and Reintroductions of the Textus Receptus Readings in the Nestle/Aland Novum Testamentum-Graece.

The Secret of the Fiery Pit
Diana Engesath

Come join Adam Clay as he discovers the secret of the fiery pit... the reason his best friend and his family just vanished one day... and the truth about Pitsville and its sinister commander, Satron.
Why Man Couldn't Have Authored The Bible
Stephen St. John

Did Man Write the Bible?

When you ask people "Who gave us the Bible?", many will very positively say, "Why, man wrote the Bible." While it is true that man WROTE the Bible, man couldn't have AUTHORED the Bible. This book will show that if you believe man authored the Bible, then you have an impossible faith.
Adam Poe: Evangelist and Faithful Servant
Melissa Stangeland

The life of ADAM POE is portrayed in this stirring biography, which will introduce readers to a pioneer evangelist who is unknown to the modern world.

Readers will be drawn into the stories of his humble beginning on the Ohio frontier in a log cabin, his conversion, his circuit riding days, camp meetings, cholera outbreaks, steamboat excursions, the time of the Civil War, Underground Railroad activity, being snow-bound on the Kansas plains by railway, and much more!

Driven by his faith and his love for the Lord, Poe persevered through his failed health and pain from a boyhood injury. Follow this servant’s life through sacrifices, joys and sorrows. In 42 years of ministry, Reverend Adam Poe’s life was characterized by his dedication, generosity, hospitality, and honesty.

Discover how this man of God rose to distinction and was called “one of the great preachers in northern Ohio” and “one of the grandest ministers that ever lived”!