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The Secret of the Fiery Pit
Diana Engesath

Come join Adam Clay as he discovers the secret of the fiery pit... the reason his best friend and his family just vanished one day... and the truth about Pitsville and its sinister commander, Satron.
The Time When There Was NO BIBLE Coloring Book
Written by Dr. Sam Gipp
Illustrated by Claudia West

This illustrated, 30 page coloring book is an excellent resource for elementary level children. Did you know there was a time when there was no Bible? This book will help answer your children's questions about the greatest Book ever written, such as how did we get the Bibe, and where is it today.

Written in an entertaining and informative style it makes answering one of life's greatest questions a simple matter... Child's play!
DayStar Postcard Set
A pack of 15 patriotic & encouraging postcards. Sure to be a blessing when you drop someone a line.

This CD features Dr. Gipp's salvation testimony as heard on the "Unshackled!" radio program. Also has rare recordings of Dr. and Mrs. Gipp singing.
Skit 1: Elmo's Tips on Science & Survival
We live in a dangerous world. But Elmo P. Skuggs is preparing for anything, even if it can't happen! Learn about the "Hill Wisdom" of survival.
Skit 2: Elmo Goes Metric
No one voted for it. No one asked for it. But, like it or not, the country is going metric. Not one to be left behind Elmo displays how quickly he can adapt to a change others seem befuddled with.