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Baptist Distinctives Vol. 1
Linton Smith Jr.

Covered in this volume are Biblical Authority, the Autonomy of Churches, and the Priesthood of the Believer. The fight for these doctrines seemed to have settled long ago, but the lines have becomes blurred in the days we live in. It's time to "earnestly contend for the faith" and get back to standing for Bible truth.
Baptist Distinctives Vol. 2
Linton Smith Jr.

Covered in this volume are the two Biblical ordinances - baptism and the Lord's Supper. This book studies these Bible doctrines to show what God says about them rather than searching for proof for a preconceived belief. If we want to know God's plan and purpose, then we need to learn as if we were sitting at His very feet.
Old Path Preaching Methods
Dr. James A. Lince

This book examines the essential ingredients of doctrinally sound, Bible-based "old path" preaching.

Furthermore, it lays out a plan that can be used to build expository sermons. It also combines this approach with the mechanics of old-fashioned common sense delivery that will minister to people.
Voyage - Discipleship Book 1
Jim Krohn

Discipleship Book 1- "The first steps of growing as a Christian."

A ten lesson discipleship book that is great for new converts. It is inexpensive and unintimidating to someone who is cautious about committing to a long discipleship program. It starts with an apologetic for the Christian faith and the Bible, and gives new believers a good start for their growth. Good for classes as well as in home Bible study.

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Abortion: Come now, and Let Us Reason Together
Rick DeMichele

This booklet encourages reasonable people to view abortion from two perspectives. The premise is simple - if based on Scriptural and Scientific evidence we agree that every unborn child is a unique individual, then the destruction of that individual is just as wrong as the destruction of any unique individual reading the booklet. After examining the evidence from those two aspects, each substantiated argument for abortion is discussed. This book does not "bash" and attempt to sling guilt. Instead, it urges reasonable and honest individuals to consider.
Not By Might
Linton Smith Jr.

This is a college level, ringbound textbook on the doctrine of Holy Spirit. The heresies of the Charismatic movement are exposed, but at the same time, so are the loopholes in the arguments a lot of Baptist have made when trying to show Charismatic folks "a thing or two."