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"Valiant for the Truth" Complete Course
Here are 24 lessons that are compatible with a Home School, Church School or Church Bible Institute format. These lessons will prepare and protect young Bible students from having their faith in God's perfect Word destroyed.

  • If you are a parent who doesn't want your child's faith in the King James Bible destroyed, this course is for you.
  • If you are a pastor or youth leader who is tired of sending students to Bible College only to have them return hostile to your church's stand on the Bible, this course is for you.
  • If you believe the King James Bible, and simply wish to know how to defend your belief in God's perfect Book, this course is for you.

There has been an amazing interest in the Student's Defense of the Authorized Version! Home School and High School students have been amazed at the depth and yet the "understandability" found in each lesson. Pastors and Youth Leaders have used them to teach their classes. Christian adults have finally found what they were looking for, a system that helps defend their faith in the Bible.

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More Fight On! Stories

Dr. Samuel C. Gipp

After the great success of the first volume of Fight On!, Dr. Gipp delivers 300 more pages of incredible stories of people who were tougher than their problems.

Read about men and women who chose not to lose through fire, shipwreck, wild animal attacks, volcanos, mining disasters, wars and other trials of life. Some were soldiers, some were just everyday Dads and Moms who refused to give in or give up. They chose to Fight On!

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DayStar Postcard Set
A pack of 15 patriotic & encouraging postcards. Sure to be a blessing when you drop someone a line.